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Points2shop FaQ:

Q: Does this really work and is it completely free?

A: Yes, Points2Shop is completely free to use. There are many ways to earn points, or money if you use the platform. Points2shop works with different advertisers. They give points2shop their banners, and their links. Points2shop then has members who are interested in that offer who use the Points2Shop link to that offer. When that offer is used, points2shop gets paid for sending the customer to that website. When points2shop gets paid, we pay a big portion of that to the members who complete the offers.

Q: Do I have to register for Cashle too?

A: No, If you register on Points2Shop, you are automatically registered on Cashle as well.

Q: Does it cost money to sign up for Points2Shop and Cashle?

A: No, it doesn't. It's a free membership.

Q: Can I join without a credit card?

A: Joining Points2Shop does not require a credit card. Several offers, however, do require you to buy something using your credit card. If you do not want to give out your credit card number, there are many other free offers that you can take a part in to earn points.

Q: What makes Points2Shop and Cashle so unique?

  • Redeem your points directly at!
  • Many exclusive advertisers you will not find on cash sites!
  • orders are sent daily and without shipping costs!
  • We offer you the highest payout of all sites!
  • Receive 250 points (worth $2.50) on registration on Points2shop or $0.50 on Cashle!
  • Receive up to $1.00 for every member you refer!
  • Fast and friendly support by site admins, email address and Shoutbox!
Q: How much can I make?

A: How much you can make is dependent on a few things such as how much time youre willing to devote to earn points or cash. Most members have the opportunity to make more than a thousand dollars and redeem them at!

Q: How many accounts can I have?

A: Each individual or household is allowed only one account. Also only one account per computer, as well as one account per IP address. If you have family that is interested in joining, great, they are more than welcome to, as long as they do not live in the same house.

Q: Can I change my points to cash?

A: No. You can exchange cash for points, not points for cash. You can earn cash by referring friends and family members, or by using the platform. Points can only be redeemed for prizes from Amazon.

Q: What to do if I did not receive the confirmation code? A: Simply click on "resend Confirmation email" and enter your email when requested or you may always email us to send you your confirmation code.

Q: How do I complete offers?

A: Once you login, you will be taken to the main page. If you click on the link "Offers (Start Earning)", it will take you to the offers list. On this page, you will find a list of offers with their payout amounts. Click on the banner or the link of the offer that interests you. Enter your valid information when you fill in the information requested. Once you have completed the offer, return to Points2Shop and click the "Mark as Completed"link. The system will verify that you have completed the offer and credit your account, when the advertiser approves your lead.

Q: How are offers approved?

A: Offers are approved automatically. There are thousands of requests daily, each offer has a tracking code and offer id in the offer somewhere that helps the system know if you completed the offer correctly. When the advertiser finds your cookie, the offer is approved.

Q: How long does it take to receive credit for an offer?

A: Credit time varies by the advertiser. Some offers credit instantly, some within hours and some even take a few days depending on how fast we can relay information to and from the advertisers. As soon as the system receives confirmation from the advertisers that you have completed the offer correctly, your account will be credited.

Q: Is there a limit to how many signups I can do in a day?

A: No. You may do as many signups as you like, but please remember that you may only do one offer from the same survey company.

Q: Do I have to use the same email for offers?

A: No, you can use any email you like to do offers. It does not have to be the same email you registered with. You should use your primary email address when you register, to make sure you receive messages regarding your account and your amazon orders. Secondary email accounts are fine to complete offers.

Q: I accidentally put an offer in my pending folder. What can I do?

A: If you accidentally add an offer in your pending folder, you cannot redo it, previously you could, but offers started to complain so no you can't

Q: What can I do if a Paid/Trial offer does not credit?

A: Just email us with the confirmation email you received from an offer/order and we will be able to investigate it and look into the issue. Please wait at least a week before contacting us. We will send these confirmations to the advertiser for investigation. They will investigate why it didn't credit and will let us know if they will manually credit the offer. This decision can depend on many things such as you not clicking on our link, you not clearing the cookies, you providing fraudulent information to the advertiser, duplicate signup and many other possible reasons. Please note that these investigations can take anywhere from several days to several weeks depending on the advertiser. We will try our best to contact the advertisers and asks them to manually credit your account, but we can not guarantee 100% that the offer will be approved plus it is getting harder and harder for members to get non-credit requests approved, even with all the required information All we can do is to submit them and wait for reply. Do not send a trouble ticket for the free offers. We have no way of asking for credit for these offers.

Q: My offer is not getting approved and I am getting worried?

A: If you are having troubles getting the offers to credit, we encourage you to take a look at our forums, We have started a new topic to share great tips that make it easier to complete offers. You might also want to take a look at our tutorial of how to complete offers correctly and wait for a few days.

Q: What are cookies and why is it important to clear them?

A: Cookies are short pieces of data used by web servers to help identify web users. Clearing your cookies after completing each offer will help to get your offers credited faster. Simply you can delete them by clicking on Tools --> Internet Options --> delete cookies or you can use CCleaner.

Q: How do Points2Shop referrals work?

A: There is actually more than one level to our referral program. You get 15% of what your first level earn, 3% of second level and 2% of third level. You will also get .50$ when they verify their email and another .50$ when they completed their first offer which will give you $1.00 total. The promotion rate is dynamic: Make sure your referrals are active. If a lot of your referrals are inactive, your earn rate will decrease.

Q: How do I refer someone?

A: You can refer members to this site using your personal refer URL. To find this URL please login to your account and locate Promote from there click on Refer a member then copy/paste that URL to your friends.

Q: Do I have to refer anyone at all?

A: No, You don't. But, it will help to earn more points.

Q: Does Points2Shop have banners?

A: Yes, we have a great assortment of banners and other promotional material that you can start using today. Choose a banner you like from many categories games, electronic ...etc, copy the code and add it to your webiste or signature at forums.

Q: How do I maximize my referrals?

A: We have a topic dedicated to giving you all the tips that you need for getting referrals. You can get your referral link now, just log into your account and click on the "Promotion" then "refer member".

Q: Can I earn money by referring friends and family members?

A: Yes, you can. When you refer people and they become a member you will get a 1$ cash and 15% bonus every time they fill out an offer of their own. So for example if they fill out an offer worth 1000 points ($10) you will get 150 points ($1.50) or cash instantly.